I love wine and the affair goes beyond the passion. I taste it, I drink it, I read about it, I study it, I travel for it and I annoy all the people around me talking about it. Seeing the deepness of boredom in my wife´s eyes when I start with soil, altitude or whole bunch pressing I decided to share my wine talking superpowers with an audience that doesn’t mind that I have a grape bunch instead of the left hemisphere of my brain.

I live in Sydney but not for long. I moved to this beautiful country in the very end of 2016 from the Czech Republic (it is in Central Europe with Prague the Capital for those who don’t understand that continental Europe has to change its geographic layout every two decades). This means two important things for my blog and also myself – one good and one worse. My wine obsession had given me very good experience with European wines but most of the Australian terroirs I have yet to explore. And this is the good thing because there is nothing as entertaining as to explore new wine country (and a damn good one) especially when I can compare its wines with the world wine cradle. My European origin has also less exciting aspect as my English is far from the Oxford standards. Though I believe that wine language is an international code and if I am wrong than pardon my English.

I dropped the term terroir in the previous paragraph and for me that is the substance of every great wine. As no book gives you the definite definition of the terroir term everyone is coming with his or her small modification and I am not an exclusion. Terroir determines the origin of the wine which should be sensed and possibly recognized by the consumer like I recognize my mum´s vegetable soup made from our local supermarket veggies amongst hundreds of others. This infantile comparison leads to my list of basic terroir elements which are soil (its composition, structure etc.), climate (altitude, temperature, precipitation etc.) and human influence (local approach to winegrowing and winemaking) but… but now I am talking too much, again. Don’t worry I will be getting back to this explosive topic in my posts.

Ergo this blog is about wines that are able to show their origin, about the terroirs themselves and about people that will to respect them. Or not.    

I am an independent blogger not supported by any commercial organization but I would kill for good Barolo, so if it has to be you know what to deliver.


Jan Taborsky